Permelia Media is a full service graphic design and web development shop, born of over twenty years of experience in the media space.

Permelia Media is owned and operated by me, Beth Downey. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in graphic design from Mississippi State University and have over 20 years of experience in graphic design and have spent over a decade of designing, building and repairing WordPress websites.

Design clients include the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Adventure Science Center and the Vanderbilt University Press.

I have completed web development tasks for The Sycamore Institute, Parthenon Publishing, The Voice contestant and vocal powerhouse Sarah Potenza, The Escape Game and consumer-led, digital health company Noom.

I have coded custom-themed websites for Nashville’s Martha O’Bryan Center, blog Nashvillest, HSGLaW, The State of Tennessee’s End The Syndemic outreach program, luxury custom kitchen designer John Michael Kitchens, and Our Kids Center’s award winning “What If I Told You” campaign.

I specialize in marrying my graphic design background and web development skills within the digital space. I build exclusively on the WordPress platform, specifically hand-coded custom-themed websites. What sets me apart from most front-end web developers is my background as an artist and graphic designer, which allows replication of a design pixel-perfectly on the web.

* Photo by Ron Davis



  • “Beth has been fantastic to work with on StyleBlueprint.com. She believes in complete transparency and is very thorough with monthly updates which include detailed notes. She helped us decipher and maintain some very old legacy code with some tight turnarounds. Very refreshing!”

    Jay Graves

    COO at StyleBlueprint

  • “Over the last several years, Our Kids has benefitted greatly from the expertise of Beth Downey and Permelia Media. Beth’s ability to build, implement and troubleshoot e-commerce platforms has enhanced the Our Kids’ infrastructure and taken it to the next level. Utilizing Beth’s talent in a surgical way has given Our Kids the tools and structures to create our latest innovation, Soup Sunday Homestyle. In an environment disrupted by Covid-19, Beth has helped Our Kids thrive and continue to raise crucial funds to provide services for children and families struggling with sexual abuse. Thank you Beth for being an invaluable consultant and ally.”

    Sue Fort White, Ed.D.

    Executive Director at Our Kids

  • “Beth was so great to work with, her communication skills were on point, she was able to explain techy ideas to my non-techy mind. I definitely felt like Beth cared about my website as if it were her own, taking great care with security and backend issues that would make my life easier in the future. She was attentive, easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to questions and my website looks great and works perfectly.”

    Margaret Hicks

    Owner and Tour Guide at Chicago Elevated

  • “Beth is great to work with! The process from discussing the deliverables to implementing the work was seamless. We will definitely use Beth again for any WordPress needs.”

    Kayla Zamary

    Senior Marketing Manager at Binary Fountain

  • “Hiring Beth at Permelia Media has been a God send. My website broke down, and I had no idea what to do. This kind of stuff can be really intimidating. Lots of updates and coding, I’d be lost without her. Beth had it fixed that day! Now she keeps my website up to date and running smooth. I never have to worry, because she’s just an email away.”

    Sarah Potenza

    Singer/Songwriter and Powerhouse Vocalist at SarahPotenza.net

  • “I worked side-by-side with Beth for over three years, and I have never met someone so meticulous and well-organized. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness for the process of building websites is a perfect balance for the chaotic unknown that the medium so often presents. She’s quick to face what she hasn’t seen before, roll up her sleeves and figure it out. Beth has a depth of experience in communications that cuts across the both technical and the human nature of what we do, and I’m always looking for opportunities to work with her again.”

    Kenneth White

    Former Employer at Sprclldr and Web Developer at Atiba

  • “Beth is organized, communicative, and collaborative while knowing when to gently nudge a client away from a bad idea. Our website needed a laundry list of functionality and design upgrades on a strict budget, and she tackled the job with skill and efficiency. In particular, I appreciated her persistence in solving unexpected problems and her recommendations for additional upgrades we would not otherwise have known to make.”

    Brian Straessle

    Communications Director at The Sycamore Institute

  • “I’ve known Beth as a friend for almost 10 years, and was fortunate enough to be a client of hers through the redesign of Nashvillest.com. In addition to being an incredibly kind, generous human, she brought a ton of skill and WordPress knowledge to the table with this project. She was quick, thorough, enthusiastic, and communicative throughout the whole process.”

    Christy Frink

    Founder at Nashvillest

  • “Beth recently designed a new website for my business, which turned out great. Aside from her true professionalism, which was apparent from the start, the finished product is exactly what I wanted and ended up being about half the cost of a previous quote I’d gotten, to boot. If you’re in the market for a new website and/or help with a current site, call Beth!”

    Kenneth Troope

    Mortgage Consultant at at Kenneth Troope Home Loans

  • “A writer/editor recommending a web developer? Yes, because Beth embraces the full process of communicating a message, understanding a brand voice, and she cares about getting things right. She helpfully explains the tech side of things to non-tech folks in a way that doesn’t make you feel foolish. I particularly learned a lot from the blog posts she wrote for our company, which clearly showed that she not only keeps up with the latest in her field, but puts serious thought into real-world uses and results.”

    Nancy Henderson

    Former Colleague at Parthenon Publishing and former Senior Content Strategist at Bohan

  • “I was writing a newsletter for the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association that went out to 1500 households. We lost our designer and Beth was recommended as our replacement. She did an incredible job! It was pretty thankless and often we sent her everything at the last minute (or much later!). She was gracious and prompt and made the newsletter look awesome. I have recommended her to others and would hire her again in a heartbeat if I have the need.”

    Eric Jans

    Former President at Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association

  • “As a web developer, Beth combines her talent and technical skills with a true understanding of how her efforts fit within the overall scope of a project. It all starts with her ability to see and respect someone else’s perspective. Beth is the rare professional who has demonstrated not just experience but proficiency in both web development and graphic design. She has a distinct knack for explaining difficult concepts in a clear, effective way for the benefit of both her clients and her coworkers — which helps expand the realm of possibilities for every project she supports.

    Any company or organization is most effective when its team members are working within the same pool of information, and Beth advocates collaboration as a means of achieving success. She is resilient, resourceful and ready for any challenge that comes her way.”

    Blake Boldt

    Former Colleague at Parthenon Publishing and Managing Editor at at Agent Publishing

  • “Although my primary connection to Beth is social, I have engaged her services several times for my company and have enjoyed working with her. She is attentive, engaged, and really seems to enjoy learning about the business she’s working in to better serve it. More importantly given the work she does, she brings a true artist’s eye to her craft. And she’s able to keep interactions lighthearted and fun without compromising results or timing. I very much enjoy working with Beth, and I recommend her for any environment that values keen observation.”

    Kate O’Neill

    Former client at metamarketer and CEO at KO Insights

  • “I’ve had the great privilege of knowing Beth both as a professional and as a friend, and I can say with absolute confidence that she is someone you want on your team. Beth has extensive knowledge in both design and front-end development, including WordPress, PHP, HMTL/CSS, responsive design practices, and much more. Beth brings a level of confidence and self awareness that is refreshing. She is always willing to jump in and tackle a challenge, is respectful and compassionate toward those she collaborates with, and is someone you can rely on when it’s time to take off the gloves and get it done. If you’re looking for a capable front-end developer, I can’t recommend Beth enough.”

    Brett Henley

    Former colleague at Parthenon Publishing and current Content Manager at Industrial Strength Marketing

  • “Beth is a double threat, in that she can perform traditional graphic design work alongside creating dynamic, engaging web platforms. She brought expertise to every client engagement, explaining that hard-to-capture “why” when there were questions about a project’s direction, thus resolving concerns and creating a sense of teamwork and common purpose.”

    Joe Morris

    Former colleague at Parthenon Publishing and current client & content writer at Qualifacts

  • “Beth is one of those people who never stops learning, in life and in work. She loves to figure out exactly how things function and share that knowledge with others. She’s able to seamlessly combine web development and web design, and she’s great at explaining how things work to people who aren’t as schooled in web development. She’s a thoughtful, thorough developer and great person to have working alongside you.”

    Ashley Brantley

    Former Colleague at Parthenon Publishing and Senior Content Strategist at Bohan