Written by Beth Downey

The Problem:

The Werthan Lofts community had signage in place from when the property was converted from a factory to condos in 2004. In early 2019, the gate entry system was updated to a new ButterflyMX entry system and the signage needed to reflect the location of the entry boxes for visitors and delivery people.

Additionally, the old signage included neither the Boiler Building, nor detail the two separate street addresses for the units in the building. Also,  the townhomes that faceTaylor Street did not include their individual addresses.

Package delivery has been a challenge because there are 6 building addresses at Werthan Lofts:

  • 704 & 706 Taylor Street for the Boiler Building
  • 1350 Rosa Parks Boulevard – the long building facing Rosa Parks
  • 1352 Rosa Parks Boulevard – the penthouses above the garage
  • 1400 Rosa Parks Boulevard – the original Werthan building, that fronts Hume Street to the north
  • 1410 Rosa Parks Boulevard – the smaller building on the corner of Rosa Parks & Hume
  • 1340-1348 Rosa Parks Boulevard – the townhomes facing Taylor Street


The Solution:

New signage was created to include the Boiler Building, the three mailrooms across the property were included, and the location of the ButterflyMX entry boxes were added. Now when a package delivery person arrives with a delivery, the signage clearly communicates where each building is on the property in relation to where that person is on the grounds.