Written by Beth Downey

When I sit down to write on my blog, it’s usually prompted by a real world scenario that I use to help the reader avoid a potential pitfall. Today, let’s talk about website photos; specifically, don’t be cheap with your website photos. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Your website photos are what jumps out at the viewer. While iPhone and other mobile devices are taking better photos than ever, please either (a) buy a nice enough camera to take quality photos or (b) hire someone with a nice camera and some photography qualifications to take your website photos.
  2. Do not steal other people’s photos for your website. This means do not download a photo of something because you like and use it without expressed permission or paying someone a required fee. You can get sued for thousands of dollars due to copyright infringement. And yes, it does happen.
  3. Several options for nice photos are available online: iStockphoto, Dreamstime, and Getty Images are just a few.
  4. There’s always the option of taking a lot of photos and storing them on your own photo website. That way you have a stable of photos to choose from in a pinch.

This has been a brief public service announcement. Please enjoy the rest of your day.