Written by Beth Downey

Early in 2020, the Martha O’Bryan Center reached out. The organization, whose work focuses on empowering “children, youth, and adults in poverty to transform their lives through work, education, employment and fellowship,” had an existing website that they were requesting to be redesigned and built on WordPress for ease of content management. As well, they wanted the site to be mobile friendly across devices.

We took their wish list and got to work. First we streamlined the site, consolidating pages and simplifying the menu. The “News & Events” posts were simplified from pop up informational windows to either 1. open in a new tab if it was an external link or 2. open as an internal page on the site, determined by whether an external link entered in a particular field. We showcased their generous sponsors on every page in a custom carousel to give visitors a glance at the generosity of members of the community who are funding very important work. Programs were streamlined and consolidated into one menu, with the URL structure designed for SEO best practices. Career opportunities can be accessed in multiple places throughout the site. And for ease of internal use, we kept all their existing forms in place either linking them or using them as custom links in menus.

Best of all, the kind and caring people at the Martha O’Bryan Center were an active and informed partners during the website process. It’s always a treat to build something we can be proud of together.