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New Work: Balance & Breathe Yoga Logo

We were honored to be asked to create a logo for Balance and Breathe Yoga, a new yoga studio in Gallatin, TN. Balance & Breathe Yoga is owned by Megan Wage, a yogi with five years of teacher training experience, who is also owner of NashvilleSUP and Yoga. Needless to say if you practice flow Read More

New Work — I’m A Salemtown Neighbor!

The Salemtown Neighborhood Association of Nashville, Tennessee reached out needing graphic design to go on products for their members. Below are the logos in black and white as well as color. Need graphic design work? Let’s chat.

A (Cautionary) Tale of Two Logos

Below you will see two logos. They’re remarkably similar. I have no idea which logo was produced first so I have no idea who copied whom. But to use the exact same fonts and everything – that’s super blatant. This is an example of why you should know your logo designer as well as why he/she Read More