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New Work: Werthan Lofts Environmental Signage

The Problem: The Werthan Lofts community had signage in place from when the property was converted from a factory to condos in 2004. In early 2019, the gate entry system was updated to a new ButterflyMX entry system and the signage needed to reflect the location of the entry boxes for visitors and delivery people. Read More

New Work: Balance & Breathe Yoga Logo

We were honored to be asked to create a logo for Balance and Breathe Yoga, a new yoga studio in Gallatin, TN. Balance & Breathe Yoga is owned by Megan Wage, a yogi with five years of teacher training experience, who is also owner of NashvilleSUP and Yoga. Needless to say if you practice flow Read More

The Website Build Process: Wireframes, Design and Code

When building websites from the ground up, there’s a three step process: Wireframing Designing Coding The three steps taken are similar to that of constructing a home. Wireframes Wireframes are like blueprints. They’re called wireframes because they’re literally lines, which look like wires. For example, a logo is represented by a rectangle with the word “Logo” Read More

New Work — I’m A Salemtown Neighbor!

The Salemtown Neighborhood Association of Nashville, Tennessee reached out needing graphic design to go on products for their members. Below are the logos in black and white as well as color. Need graphic design work? Let’s chat.